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This is a retirement planning tool only. Although every effort has been made to provide pension estimates that are accurate, these estimates are not a statement of fact or promise of a future pension. All estimates are based on the current provisions of the Victoria University General Pension Plan and your personal information as entered in the tool. In some cases, errors or limitations in the data inputs may produce inaccurate results. Estimates do not take into account any future changes to the plan.

The Plan Administrator is not responsible for decisions you make using this pension calculator or any liabilities that may arise from those decisions.

If you are considering retirement and would like an official pension estimate, please contact the Plan Administrator.


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Actuarial Assumptions

  • Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE) are projected at a rate of 2.5% per annum.
  • Income Tax Act pension limits are projected at a rate of 2.5% per annum.
  • Inflation is assumed to increase at 2.5% per annum.
  • An annual discount rate of 6% is used to calculate optional forms of pension.
  • Mortality is based on the 2014 Canadian Pensioners’ Mortality table projected with the CPM Improvement Scale B.


Based on the data you entered, we’ve determined that you’ll be able to retire within the next 3 years. Note that this calculator estimates your future monthly pension based on your current pay rate that you entered in Step 2. It does not use your actual historical earnings and as such your actual retirement estimate will differ from the one shown here. If you are close to retirement and would like to receive an actual retirement quote, please contact Human Resources.

Welcome to the Victoria University Pension Calculator

This pension calculator was designed exclusively for members of the Victoria University General Pension Plan. Your Victoria University pension represents a key component of your future retirement income, along with government pensions and your personal savings. This calculator allows you to project your Victoria University pension to a future retirement date, giving you a better sense of your future income as you plan for retirement.

To learn more about your Victoria University pension, view the latest booklet for:

Before getting started, please make sure you have a copy of your most recent Annual Pension Statement in front of you. If you do not have a copy of your Annual Pension Statement, please contact Human Resources.

This calculator reflects:
  • The Defined Benefit (DB) provisions of the Victoria University General Pension Plan,
  • The Victoria University Supplemental Retirement Arrangement (SRA), and
  • The bridge pension for retirements to June 30, 2020 under the most recent Collective Agreement. (Note that the bridge pension is not promised for retirements after June 30, 2020.)

The Defined Contribution (DC) provisions for Pre-July 1, 1998 DC Members are specifically excluded. Government pensions are also not reflected. For other assumptions used in estimating your future pension, click here.

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